The Way Down Wanderers Preview New Album With the Unity Song ‘The Wire’

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The Way Down Wanderers will release their new album More Like Tomorrow in September. Ahead of its arrival, the Americana band preview the LP with the song “The Wire.”

A sing-along with tinkling piano, gently strummed acoustic and mandolin, and warm drums, “The Wire” premieres with an accompanying music video that finds the Peoria, Illinois, group performing on a colorful soundstage. They peer through a “window,” hang laundry, and harmonize around a single microphone. It’s a celebration of nature, but within four walls.

“We can sing along to words of a simple song/will you walk next to me?” they sing in the chorus, underscoring the communal nature of the lyrics.

“Change is difficult. This journey, that is this life, can involve a whole lot of ups and downs. We’ve all experienced it lately, ostensibly more so than at any other time in a generation. And it’s that collective effort, that focus on what we all have in common, that holds us up and gets us through to the other side,” says Collin Krauss, one of the Way Down Wanderers’ two lead singers. “The video uses the constructs of everyday life; work uniforms, a clothing line and the trappings of home to symbolize a shared experience. The band members come together, despite their differences, to support one another through unpredictable times, represented by rapidly changing scenery on the screen in the background. Ultimately, they come together and appear on the screen itself as a representation of acceptance, growth and togetherness.”

More Like Tomorrow, out September 10th, is the follow-up to the group’s 2019 album Illusions. They’ll launch a summer tour on July 9th in Michigan.