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Watch New Singer Abi’s Bittersweet Video ‘A Day Without’

Young country-pop artist says she gained “a new perspective on life” after the death of her father

In the intensely delicate and moving pop-country tune “A Day Without,” newcomer Abi delves into the profound feelings of pain and uncertainty that come with experiencing loss. The subject is something the 20-year-old knows all too well, having had to cope with the death of her father.

In the new video for the song co-written by the late Andrew Dorff with Lucie Silvas and Jimmy Robbins, poignant scenes of separation – a mother sending her daughter off to college and a young woman’s boyfriend beginning military service – are tempered with a sense of memory and hope, offering a bit of light to make the dark times more tolerable. The clip’s release, just in time for Father’s Day, brings on a number of emotions for the young artist.

“The sheer thought of losing someone is absolutely terrifying, as is the deep love you might have for a person with who you might feel like you cannot go on a day without them,” she says. “I think that my father’s passing gave me a new perspective on life, and enabled me to channel much deeper emotions into my craft.”


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