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Watch Kelleigh Bannen’s Bleak ‘Church Clothes’ Video

Singer-songwriter depicts hidden relationship troubles in powerful new song

Kelleigh Bannen paints a haunting picture of marriage with the video for her new song “Church Clothes,” released over the weekend.

Co-written by Liz Rose and Nicolle Galyon, the storyline of “Church Clothes” imagines a woman walking down the wedding aisle when, she sings, “it’s not right, but nobody says so.” To further illustrate this hidden unrest, she reveals more about the chasm that’s formed between these two in each new line. “Last night you slept on the sofa / And these days, I don’t even know ya,” she sings. 

“It’s late, and there’s almost too much to say about this song – [b]ut it’s out,” wrote Bannen on Instagram. “After four years of fighting for these four minutes of fragile honesty. . . I can finally share it with all of you. And that’s all I ever wanted.”

Bannen’s assertive vocals on “Church Clothes” contrast with the video’s bleak backdrop for the nuptials, a bare clearing in the woods. Similarly, her continuous costume swap between black and white, walking in reverse down the aisle and guests disappearing from the seats eerily transform this wedding day into a funeral metaphor.

will next perform March 15th and 16th at SXSW in Austin, Texas. She is also the
founder of the popular blog and podcast This Nashville Life. 


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