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‘Stealing Cinderella’ Singer Chuck Wicks Fractures Skull in Car Accident

Performer was traveling with his co-hosts on ‘Ty, Kelly and Chuck’ morning show

Chuck Wicks

"Stealing Cinderella" singer Chuck Wicks was severely injured in a car accident last weekend.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

In an emotional Facebook post, “Stealing Cinderella” singer Chuck Wicks revealed that he was seriously injured in a car accident while traveling to New Orleans.

Wicks explained the dramatic single-car scenario, which took place as he and three others were on their way to Mardi Gras. “While driving through a bad rain storm our car struck a puddle and hydroplaned, causing it to roll twice into a ditch full of water,” he wrote. “Talk about slow motion… It was [as] if the world literally stopped.”

After waiting on emergency responders and being taken to the hospital, Wicks was told that he’d suffered a fractured skull and fractured cervical vertebrae. According to his doctors, Wicks is “lucky [he’s] alive and not paralyzed.”

Passengers Glenn Johnson, a producer, and Ty Bentli and Kelly Ford, Wicks’ co-hosts on Nash-FM’s national morning show Ty, Kelly and Chuck, were not seriously injured in the crash. Ford posted a photo to Instagram showing her and Bentli on their way back to Nashvillle, hoping Wicks, who remained in the hospital, “isn’t too far behind.”

“Listen… bottom line. It’s gonna take some time to recover,” Wicks adds. “This isn’t a [sic] I’ll feel better in a week type of deal. But I’m extremely lucky. And I’m so glad that Ty, Kelly and Glenn are ok. So be safe out there. Don’t take anything for granted.”

As of his most recent update on Twitter, Wicks was still in the hospital on March 1st.

Wicks’ most recent album was 2016‘s Turning Point, which was one of Rolling Stone Country‘s Most Anticipated Country Albums of 2016. Wicks made a strong debut upon his arrival a decade ago, releasing the top 5 hit “Stealing Cinderella” in 2007.


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