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See the Record Company Let Loose on ‘Colbert’ With ‘On the Move’

Power-blues trio deliver a ferocious take of their new single on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

Gritty, back-alley blues-rockers the Record Company made their debut on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Thursday night, showing off a down-and-dirty sound and megawatts of onstage intensity.

Made up of vocalist Chris Vos, bassist Alex Stiff and drummer Marc Cazorla, the L.A.-based power trio didn’t need much to deliver their roundhouse kick of rock. They fired up the Colbert crowd with pounding drums and trashy cymbals, a fat bass line and a wild, distorted harmonica, with Vos scream-singing through that same harmonica mic as he stalked the stage.

Performing “On the Move,” the new single from their first full-length album, Give It Back to You, the band’s pissed-off approach was perfect for the most bluesy of all blues themes – getting caught in the web of a woman whose best quality is being oh so bad.

The Record Company are currently on tour, with coast-to-coast club dates planned through the end of November.


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