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See Ruston Kelly Sing Self-Destructive ‘Faceplant’ on ‘Seth Meyers’

Songwriter will release debut album ‘Dying Star’ on September 7th

Ruston Kelly performed “Faceplant,” his song about self-destructive behavior, on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday night. A track off his upcoming debut album Dying Star, out September 7th, “Faceplant” chronicles a spectacular chemically-fueled spiral.

“Took too many pills again / Blacked out for a week / Didn’t eat / Didn’t sleep / Came to / Hit it all again,” Kelly begins, strumming an acoustic guitar and singing while his band slowly joins in. It’s an at times intense performance, with the songwriter pleading, “I’ve come too far to turn back now,” before delivering a ragged but right harmonica solo.

Kelly released a video for “Faceplant” last month, which doubles down on the song’s narrative, depicting him woozy and uncertain as he navigates a house party and, ultimately, tries to flee from the police.

After an appearance at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville, Kelly will head overseas for a short run, before launching an expansive tour of the U.S. in October.

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