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See Luke Bryan’s Family Photos in Reflective ‘Fast’ Video

Singer yearns to slow down in sixth single from ‘Kill the Lights’

Sometimes there’s nothing like playing a song alone in an empty theater to help you have a good think about life. In his new video for his latest single, “Fast,” Luke Bryan does just that, stepping away from the massive arenas he’s used to selling out to get a little perspective.

Of all the songs on 2015’s Kill the Lights, the album’s sixth single “Fast” is the most self-consciously aware of Bryan’s efforts to distance himself from the bro-country label he did so much to popularize – and the new video ratchets up the schmaltz accordingly. Cutting back and forth between the multi-platinum singer and B-roll footage of family photos, “Fast” tugs at the heartstrings with baby photos and wedding shots while still dropping a solid humblebrag with images of the awards he’s won and fans clamoring after him at concerts. Ultimately, the 40-year-old Bryan is like a lot of adults approaching middle age in lamenting the fact that the good times might not last forever – or, at the least, that they might come at a higher price in the morning.

While Bryan may try to slow things down a bit in the new video, he’s staying plenty busy, having sold out Madison Square Garden earlier this week and appearing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night. Bryan’s on tour all year in 2017 and in April he co-hosts the Academy of Country Music Awards with Dierks Bentley.


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