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See Luke Bryan, Jimmy Fallon Sing About Gyros on ‘Tonight Show’

“I just want something to eat, made with a vertical rotisserie of lamb meat,” sings Bryan in a skit lampooning the pronunciation of the street food

Luke Bryan struggles to order lunch in a new musical skit with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. The “Fast” singer and late-night host happen upon a food cart on the sidewalks of New York and place their order – or try to anyway. Fallon takes a falafel plate, while Bryan craves a gyro but is unable to pronounce the popular Greek street food. Is it “yurro” or “gi-roh”? Or something else?

Ever the curious songwriter, Bryan heads to the studio to pen a new song about his culinary dysfunction. “I was born in Southwest Georgia / always tried to make my daddy proud,” he sings. “But of all the things I’ve learned there / I never learned how to say that word out loud.” Fallon joins in and together they do their best to wrangle the wrap.

By song’s end, Bryan and Fallon are sufficiently schooled – “No more fear-o/ you’re a hero/ cause now I know it’s yee-ro” – and Bryan gives his lunchtime indulgence one more try. And then promptly changes his mind.

Maybe next time he should just stick with pecans. Or is it pee-kahn?


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