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See Lori McKenna’s Buoyant New ‘Young And Angry Again’ Video

Latest track from “Humble and Kind” singer-songwriter recaptures the wanderlust of small-town youth

Lori McKenna takes a backward glance at youth with typically insightful and imaginative aplomb in her latest video, “Young and Angry Again,” another stellar track from her anticipated LP, The Tree, out July 20th.

Directed by John Moessner, the clip finds the “Girl Crush” and “Humble and Kind” tunesmith in a picturesque outdoor setting, performing the rollicking tune with a trio of musicians. The song’s lyrics express youthful confidence, a sense of rebellion and a desire to set out to experience what the world away from home has to offer.

“You’re carrying around half of what God gave you and half of what they told you you should be,” she sings. “Trying to make sense of why anyone stays around here when you’re just countin’ days until you leave.”

“Young and Angry Again,” and the more forward-looking track “People Get Old,” are instantly available with pre-orders of The Tree. McKenna is currently on tour and will be in Annapolis, Maryland, and in Northampton, in her home state of Massachusetts this coming weekend.  


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