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‘Nashville’ Star Chris Carmack on Introspective New EP: Ram Report

“When I’m creating music, I don’t have an agenda for a sound or a genre,” says the singer-actor of his eclectic ‘Pieces of You’

Chris Carmack has released his new EP, Pieces of You, to iTunes today, and the project marks the first original music released by the singer and star of ABC’s Nashville.

A collection of five songs, the EP runs the gamut from bluesy ballads to soulful jams.

“I’m influenced by old blues, old jazz, old soul music and R&B and country. I try to emulate that to the best of my ability, and let it inform me, musically,” Carmack tells Rolling Stone Country.

Still, he says he doesn’t write with any genre in mind. “When I’m creating music, I don’t have an agenda for a sound or a genre or a message,” he says. “I just want it to be truthful and representative of the lyrical content that means something to me, and the music that I love.”

Nashville aired its mid-season finale earlier this week, and Carmack is looking forward to focusing on Pieces of You, a project he funded and released on his own. He’ll perform on the Grand Ole Opry tonight at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.


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