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‘Nashville’ Recap: Scarlett and Deacon’s Undercooked Veggie Tale

In a rare misfire, this week’s episode of the CMT/Hulu series was fresh out of ideas

Clare Bowen, Charles EstenClare Bowen, Charles Esten

Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Deacon (Charles Esten) veg out at the Farmers Market on this week's episode of 'Nashville.'


Throughout its five previous seasons, Nashville could be counted on to weave compelling, dramatic stories with the continuing thread of top-flight musical numbers. Those threads now appear to be wearing mighty thin as the series marches (well, limps) toward its last-ever episodes. 

How boring did things get this week? During a scene at the Nashville Farmers Market when Scarlett and Deacon are having a thinly veiled conversation about sexual relationships but hiding behind phallic vegetables such as zucchini and eggplant so as to avoid – in Scarlett’s case – running into Gunnar or – in Deacon’s – talking about the maddeningly will-they-won’t-they-who-actually gives-a-damn thing between Deacon and Jessie, we were infinitely more interested in hearing about zucchini and eggplant. Here’s an idea: If you really must introduce fresh veggies into the mix, slap some recipes onscreen (“Scarlett’s Zucchini Surprise,” “Deacon’s Stuffed Eggplant”) to distract us from the overripe conversations we feel like we’ve heard already.

In an episode that would have given Sigmund Freud plenty of reasons not to abandon his cocaine habit, if only just to stay awake for an hour, Deacon and Jessie’s decision to be “just friends,” after an excruciatingly boring dinner, led to… something. We presume it was sex but are actually thankful we didn’t have to witness it. Let’s hope the fallout from it (the fact that their children are classmates and as grossed-out by the idea as we are) is at least worth the wait.

At least Gunnar has Will around to offer his own brand of flirty “I have to take my shirt off at a photo shoot,” zucchini-related advice that’s not actually about zucchini. Adding Avery to the mix offers some much-needed comic (and musical) relief, but in the worst parenting move since, well, fathering Juliette’s child, Avery lets Gunnar and Will hand his kid over to a babysitter he’s never met because, hey, she got great reviews on Yelp!.

Juliette, meanwhile, is getting herself in deeper with Darius Enright’s cult, donning a hardhat and brandishing a staple gun to help build low-income housing with nary a camera onsite to catch the perfect photo-op. The news that they want 30 percent of her income doesn’t even seem to faze her, so you know their Jedi mind tricks are already working. And… we’re back to sleep. If you’re not gonna throw someone off a building, at least flash a cucumber or something.

To be fair, this week’s Nashville really just felt like one of those transitional hours (or was it three?) where not much happens, but it sets up future episodes in which something will. We’ve already got our eye on Jessie’s self-esteem-challenged, loose-cannon of a teenage son to stir things up, but if the next episode so much as mentions produce, we’re flipping to the Food Network.

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