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‘Nashville’ Recap: Good Intentions, Bad Reputations

Beverly fights for life, Maddie fights for Teddy and Juliette battles the bottle. . . again


Will Chase stars as Luke Wheeler and Hayden Panettiere plays Juliette Barnes on ABC's 'Nashville.'

Photo Courtesy of ABC

The latest episode of Nashville was one of great losses — from Beverly’s battle to come out of a coma to Daphne and Maddie’s loss of innocence as they come to terms with their father’s dirty dealings. Although it was a short scene, we got another look at the Three Men and a Baby rip-off homage. Avery is still deep in baby daddy drama as mama Juliette continues to party on the road. This time, she takes Luke into a bar and performs the Joan Jett rocker, “Bad Reputation.” That she don’t give a damn about her bad rep is one thing, but dragging country superstar Luke Wheeler into it was ill-advised. Stick to country music, Luke.

Eventually, a drunken Juliette had to sneak out of the bar in a road case and woke up fearing she had slept with Luke (we were way ahead of her on that). Juliette continues to lose touch with reality, but remained blissfully, drunkenly unaware that husband Avery was close to signing divorce papers. Back in Nashville, Juliette’s assistant Emily, who’s still on the payroll even though she isn’t actively doing her job, babysits for Avery. When he hears her playing a recording of Juliette for little Cadence, he loses it. Later, he comes to his senses and calms the baby with her mother’s singing. (Thankfully, it’s a lullaby and not a Joan Jett cover.)

Will is still battling with living as an openly gay man and is uncomfortable around Kevin’s writer friends. One of the writers, Jill, who is obviously out, proud – and a little militant – tells him off about not being more public. Unfortunately, Kevin agrees with her. Will has no interest in being a poster boy for country music and the gay community. So, it’s very unlikely his next album with be titled Will Lexington: Gay Cowboy.

Daphne is suspended for fighting at school while trying to defend her dad, who remains in jail, where shaving is obviously forbidden. Teddy’s starting to look less like a former politician and more like Grizzly Adams these days. Although he doesn’t want the girls to visit him, he relents. Maddie, of course, shows little interest and even Daphne is exasperated with him and sick of sticking up for him. He lets her off the hook by pretty much owning up to his guilt. Rayna (who really should get a Nobel Peace Prize to add to her CMA awards) thanks Deacon for being a good husband and father. After a group hug and Teddy’s admission that he’s pleading guilty and staying in jail because he “forgot who I was,” Maddie tells him – in a very “awwwww” moment – “We could never forget you, you’re our dad.”

Meanwhile, Maddie’s real dad, Deacon, stays by his sister Beverly’s side as she remains unresponsive and on life support. Although the doctors advise him to let her go so she can be an organ donor – talk about tugging on the heart (and kidney) strings – Deacon doesn’t want to hear it. But it’s Scarlett’s decision. After a test that shows minimal results as far as her chances of waking up, Scarlett’s decides it’s time to take her off the machines and let her go. Gunnar shows up to support her, but Deacon stays away, dealing with his grief in solitude. At least we think that’s what’s happened. There was lots of weeping and wailing going on. And even some onscreen, too.

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