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‘Nashville’ Recap: Father of Scarlett’s Baby Is Revealed

CMT drama returns as paternity test results are unveiled, Daphne ditches school for a new friend and Juliette gets her album reviews

After what seemed like an eternity, but according to our TV screen was a mere 10 weeks in the fictional realm, Nashville returned to CMT last night. . . and briefly brought MTV’s Daria back with it. Fans of the monotone heroine from the 20-year-old animated series were treated to a thoroughly unexpected reprise of the Beavis and Butt-Head spin-off’s theme song, “You’re Standing on My Neck,” courtesy of Daphne and her new – and potentially troublemaking – friend, Liv, a homeless teen played by Odessa Adlon. (Watch that clip above). We also learned the identity the father of Scarlett’s baby and got yet another lesson in the perils of aviation. Spoilers lie ahead, so proceed with caution.

Juliette is hosting an album release party at home with the members of the church choir who sang on her gospel album. The reviews, including one from “Rolling Stone,” are in and they are less than heavenly, calling it “sanctimonious and saccharine” and “a treacly mess that, unlike Barnes, can’t be saved.” Juliette’s manager, Glenn, had to help her pronounce “treacly,” but even he couldn’t explain the Twitter post that said it was “covfefe.”

Daphne, meanwhile, continues to mourn the loss of her mother and her grades are falling faster than Juliette’s album-sales numbers. Deacon helps her do her school project on Amelia Earhart as the two put together a model airplane. Haven’t there been enough aircraft-related disasters on the show already? Sure enough, before she gets to school, her plane crashes and she skips class, which is when she encounters Liv and several other homeless people hanging out in an abandoned building. Daphne’s walk on the wild side is short-lived (for now) and after Deacon is alerted that she’s MIA, she’s found safely back home with Maddie. But after a visit to a therapist it’s evident there’s more turbulence ahead for the grieving teen and her fractured family.

Elsewhere, Will is obsessing over what to wear and is nervous about playing a show with Zach in the audience since they are still at the point in their budding relationship where they are trying to decide just what point they are at in their budding relationship. Zach dons an “I Want Will” t-shirt at the gig, which is either a sweet declaration or he’s been put in charge of drumming up business at the merch table.

Maddie is working on a new song and Juliette gives her advice on how to write a catchier melody. Maddie doesn’t love it but she’s a little more subtle with her opinion than some of Juliette’s recent critics, restraining herself from reminding Juliette that she is now the Amelia Earhart of gospel music. Maddie plays both versions of the song for Clay, who picks Juliette’s version out immediately, but tells her she can’t please everyone, so she has to please herself. Someone’s been listening to Rick Nelson.

Gunnar, meanwhile, has been reading books with titles like So, You’re Going to Be a Daddy, waiting for Scarlett to get the paternity test results. They open them together in the car as Maury Povich jumps out from behind a tree, banging on the window and yelling, “Gunnar, you are NOT the father!”

Considering all his options, Gunnar decides he wants to stick with his pregnant girlfriend. What baby-daddy Damien has to say about it remains to be seen. Just like Amelia Earhart. 

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