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Carrie Underwood on Presidential Election, Solving World Problems

“I don’t want people to vote for somebody because I told them to,” says the entertainer, currently on her Storyteller Tour

With the presidential election coming up, Carrie Underwood admits she keeps an eye on politics. But don’t expect her to try to sway fans one way or the other. Even if she does have some in-depth brainstorming sessions with family members.

“My husband and I try to keep up with what’s going on, and my mom and I solve the problems of the world on a daily basis in our phone conversations,” Underwood tells Rolling Stone Country. “I try to take things that I’m passionate about and wanting people to get educated on and make up their own minds on things.

“More than anything, I want people to do their own homework,” she continues. “I don’t want people to vote for somebody because I told them to. I want them to find out about things that they are passionate about and what’s important to them and look at different candidates and policies. And try to make their own decisions on that. That’s where I stand, and I go and cast my vote like everybody else.”

Underwood recently performed on the Grammy Awards with Sam Hunt, and is currently in the middle of her Storyteller Tour.

“We have about 40 dates this round of our tour and are going overseas and doing some shows there,” she says. “My life seems to go in seasons. This is my season of the Storyteller Tour.”


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