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Blake Shelton Spars With Westboro Baptist Church

“Did y’all ever expand your gene pool or are you still nailing your immediate family members?” tweets Shelton

Blake Shelton reactivated his longstanding feud with the Westboro Baptist Church over the weekend, firing off a series of tweets intended to make fun of the controversial (and almost universally-reviled) congregation in Kansas.

This time, Shelton drew first blood. “Hey @WBCSaysRepent, I see y’all are back at it!! Did y’all ever expand your gene pool or are you still nailing your immediate family members?” Shelton tweeted on Sunday, referencing any possible number of Westboro shenanigans that over the weekend included protesting a Demi Lovato concert and shaming the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

And because their existence is predicated on anything (such as this article) that momentarily makes the church a trending news topic, Westboro engaged, writing “.@blakeshelton We’re still pleading with you to put away your sexual perversion (proud adultery) & seek God’s mercy!”

The exchange carried on in this manner, culminating with WBC issuing an eight-minute YouTube video about Shelton’s moral jeopardy that called him both a “dear friend” and a “serial whoremonger.” They also offered an mp3 download of their parody of Shelton’s hit “Boys ‘Round Here.” In characteristic DGAF fashion, Shelton responded by tweeting a pretty much NSFW photo of late WBC figurehead Fred Phelps performing fellatio.

“The perversion side of me is sooooo damn funny though, don’t you think?!!” he said.

Shelton and Westboro originally tangled back in 2013 when they threatened to protest one of his shows over his divorce from his first wife and marriage to Miranda Lambert. His subsequent divorce from Lambert and coupling with Gwen Stefani has seemingly bumped him a few notches up their celebrity nemesis list, so they target his shows along with Radiohead and the Foo Fighters when they’re not preoccupied with despicable practices like protesting at military funerals. 

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