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The ‘Rum’ Diaries: Exclusive Photos of Brothers Osborne on Tour With Eric Church

T.J. Osborne talks bad lighting, good whiskey and touring with his guitarist brother John

Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne, siblings John (left) and T.J. Osborne, perform during Eric Church's Outsiders Tour.

Reid Long/Jason Stoltzfus

Currently on the road with Little Big Town, Brothers Osborne spent a chunk of the fall opening 11 shows for Eric Church on his Outsiders World Tour. "Church's audience is so intense," says singer T.J. Osborne, who with guitarist brother John make up the duo, best known for their debut single "Rum." 

Following the conclusion of their leg of the tour, the Maryland siblings shared a glimpse into life on country's wildest road trip. From backstage vibe rooms to onstage country-rock theatrics, this collection of photos captures Brothers Osborne on the cusp of fame. T.J. Osborne stopped by the Rolling Stone Country office to offer some commentary on the pictures, all of them from arena shows in Minneapolis and Des Moines, and a House of Blues after-show in Cleveland. 

(Photographs by Reid Long and Jason Stoltzfus.)

Brothers Osborne

Parting Shot

"This is the very last hurrah of the tour," says Osborne. "We did soundcheck and when we came back to our dressing room, [members of Church's tour] had put up eight more tapestries, along with candles and a bottle of Maker's with a ribbon on it. That shot was an end-of-the-night celebratory 'hell yeah, we survived the Eric Church tour!'"

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