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Hunter Hayes’ ‘Tattoo’ Video: Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Singer shares exclusive photos and commentary from the set of his upcoming ‘Tattoo’ video

Weiss Eubanks

An empty warehouse may not seem like a romantic spot, but Hunter Hayes transforms one into a love nest — and performance venue — in his upcoming video for "Tattoo." "The most fun I had all day was actually performing — jumping included — channeling my thoughts to pretend I'm playing in front of [fans]," the singer-songwriter tells Rolling Stone Country of the video shoot.

The second single from Hayes' Storylines album, "Tattoo" is about falling for someone who inspires a lot more than just body ink. He takes us behind-the-scenes of the song's video with these exclusive photos and commentary about the fun (yet sometimes "awkward") day of filming.

Weiss Eubanks

In the Zone

"I have no idea what this blank stare was, but I was probably just zoning out and jamming while someone was telling me something important."

Weiss Eubanks

Private Concert

"This is our first set up of the day, and it had just stopped raining. What you can't see are about 40 people behind this lens watching me sing to them."

Weiss Eubanks

Whirlwind Romance

"Here we are being told to flirt, so I of course awkwardly take off her hat and then shortly after this shot was taken spun her around in the chair."

Weiss Eubanks


"It was really awesome when it stopped raining and the sun came out, as the light you see in the background in front of the boombox was from the windows above in the old warehouse. "

Weiss Eubanks

Pop Art

"You only see part of a speaker painted on a wall, but in the video what you'll see is me standing in front of this giant boombox graffitied on the wall of a cool old warehouse. Still haven't met the graffiti artist, so it kind of is proper art, which I think is rather cool."

Weiss Eubanks

Permanent Ink

"This photo was shot toward the end of the day, and I'm estimating I had sang 'Tattoo' at least 40 times by this point."

Weiss Eubanks

Say Cheese?

"This was the last shot of the day, and we were playing with my new Samsung tablet. I'm pretty sure we're taking a selfie here."

Weiss Eubanks

To Be Continued…

"This was the 'blank' Fender Stratocaster. Had to have the right color guitar so the graphics team could do fun stuff with it after the fact…. You'll see what I mean (when you see the video)."