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Glen Campbell: 20 Essential Songs

From his signature “Rhinestone Cowboy” to an unconventional Foo Fighters cover

Glen Campbell had a way of inhabiting every song he recorded, both as a vocalist and an ace guitarist. Whether he was working as a session player, with L.A.’s exemplary Wrecking Crew, or crooning any number of Jimmy Webb-written hits, the Arkansas native always went all-in. In the process, he became one of music’s most believable vocalists and a true crossover success, cultivating a pop and country audience with songs like “Rhinestone Cowboy,” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” and even instrumentals. From the controversial “Galveston” to the heart-wrenching “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” we look at Campbell’s 20 essential tracks.

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“I’m Not Gonna Miss You” (2014)

When the singer and his family revealed his Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2011, they were already filming the documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me and working on what then was thought to be the last piece of music he would record. (The newly announced album Adiós, cut in 2012, however, is his farewell album.) Co-written with producer Julian Raymond, this Oscar-nominated gem reunited the guitarist with many of his Wrecking Crew buddies, and wasn’t as much for Campbell as it was for those cursing the disease that now cruelly distanced him from us all. This poignant gift to family at home and fans throughout the world was reassurance that grief is temporary, but love is eternal. 

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