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11 Best Things We Saw at Dylan Fest

From Kesha’s poignant “I Shall Be Released” to Jason Isbell’s mesmerizing three-song set


Kesha performs at Dylan Fest, an all-star event at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.

Joseph Llanes

The highlights were many during the two-night Dylan Fest in Nashville, a celebration of Bob Dylan in honor of the icon's 75th birthday this week. Held at the historic Ryman Auditorium, the concerts — staged by the Best Fest folks behind Petty Fest and others — brought together singers and musicians, that despite genre differences, were all influenced by the timeless songs of Dylan. Kesha delivered a rapturous "I Shall Be Released" on Night 1 (and re-created the magic last night too); Jason Isbell and wife Amanda Shires commanded a three-song mini-set; and Ann Wilson, Emmylou Harris and Wynonna joined together for a rousing "Ring Them Bells." Backed by the versatile and unfaltering Cabin Down Below Band (led by bassist and the night's host Austin Scaggs), the performers all pulled off the heady task of making Dylan their own. Here's our 11 favorite moments. 

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Joseph Llanes

Best Heart-Stopper: Ann Wilson

Pairing an iconic song with an iconic vocalist, the celebration of all things Dylan reached a "Crazy on You" classic-rock crescendo as Ann Wilson delivered "Like a Rolling Stone," the night's final single-artist performance. An all-hands-on-deck singalong followed to close the show for good, but Wilson’s joyful, shout-singing rocker was its spiritual climax. Dressed in all black – black leather jacket, black cocktail dress and black boots – Wilson wasted no time getting the crowd behind her. With the eight piece Cabin Down Below Band in support and with 75-year-old Nashville Cat Charlie McCoy providing the song's famous harmonica refrain, a Ryman Auditorium audience of about 2,000 rose to its feet and hung on every word of each verse, joining in on the chorus. By song's end, Wilson had to essential yell to be heard over the top of the crowd, a fitting end to two nights of loving tribute.

Holly Williams

Joseph Llanes

Best Full-Circle Moment: Holly Williams

Her grandfather was one of the seminal influences on Dylan's soul-piercing songwriting, so watching Holly Williams deliver a sweet, acoustic version of "The Times They Are a-Changin'" from the same stage that cemented Hank Williams' legend was a magnificently understated, yet powerful representation of past and present. It also afforded the night's first appearance of Hall of Fame legend Charlie McCoy, whose harmonica accompaniment throughout the three-hour show was as key an element to the proceedings as his guitar-playing on Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde had been 50 years earlier.

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Joseph Llanes

Best Guitar Shredding: Tommy Emmanuel

Most of Dylan Fest was understandably dedicated to the icon's incredible way with lyrics, but when you're a guitar-shredding, string-bending master like Tommy Emmanuel, you find a different way to express Dylan's genius. Most of the crowd at Night 2 had probably never heard of Emmanuel, but they will remember his incredible performance. A student of legendary picker Chet Atkins, Emmanuel showed off lightning-fast guitar playing on one of Dylan's few instrumental tracks, the uber-appropriate "Nashville Skyline Rag." Emmanuel led the song with a flatpicking style that seemed like a walk in the park to him, but when he threw the melody to other players, they simply could not keep up. Even the pedal steel, which is usually played with three extra picks and four extra strings when compared to a regular guitar, was no match for Emmanuel's blistering, effortless speed. It was a mind-boggling performance met with a roaring standing ovation.

Moon Taxi, Dylan Fest

GULF SHORES, AL - MAY 19: Trevor Terndrup of Moon Taxi performs during the 2016 Hangout Music Festival Kick-off Party on May 19, 2016 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Hangout Music Festival)

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Best Jam Band: Moon Taxi

Nashville band and rock festival favorite Moon Taxi unleashed an explosive take on one of the most popular, enduring live tunes in the Dylan canon, his 1967 epic "All Along the Watchtower." Taking their cues from guitar great Jimi Hendrix – who definitively covered it not long after the original – and even U2, whose own live version was a longtime staple for the Irish rockers, the quintet came out swinging, whipping the audience into earsplitting ecstasy and garnering one of the night's most thunderous ovations.

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