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10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: November 2016

From a honky-tonk troubadour with a soaring Orbison voice to an ‘Urban Cowboy’ country trio

10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: November 2016

Joshua Hedley and the trio Midland are two new country artists you need to know for November.

(left) Laura E. Partain; Harper Smith

An Americana singer with an endorsement from Huey Lewis, two multi-instrumentalists with country-radio in their sights and a pair of trios  – one male, one female – highlight this month's installment of new country and Americana artists you need to hear. 

Colter Wall

Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

Colter Wall

Sounds Like: The rough-hewn rumblings of a 21 year-old Canadian millennial armed with the weathered voice, writing chops and bushy facial hair of his 1970s country favorites

For Fans of: Steve Earle, Dylan LeBlanc, Parker Milsap

Why You Should Pay Attention: Raised in the Saskatchewan prairieland, Wall makes lonely, wind-blown country music that's as lovely and rural-sounding as his hometown. He's already made a dent in the States, too, opening for Lucinda Williams at the Ryman Auditorium and receiving a standing ovation from Steve Earle during a recent appearance at Nashville's Skyville Live. The biggest splash may be yet to come, though, with Wall's full-length debut – a raw, minimalist record, with production by Dave Cobb – due out in mid-2017.

He Says: "I'm living in Kentucky now, and a lot of the people I meet will say, 'Hey man, I didn't even know Canadians listened to country music.' But the reality is, if you're in a rural community, it doesn't matter where you're at. Country music is country music. People in Minnesota love Waylon just as much as people in West Virginia. It's a lifestyle kind of thing. It's universal."

Hear for Yourself: Wall strums, stomps and shudders his way through this live version of "Kate McCannon," a moody murder ballad that'll make an appearance on next year's album. A.L.

Hudson Moore

Dove Shore

Hudson Moore

Sounds Like: One of those road-trip radio sweet spots where two great stations – in this case, modern country and Top 40 pop – weave in and out to create a unique sonic hybrid

For Fans of: Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, John Mayer, guitar-fueled twang-pop

Why You Should Pay Attention: Moore is a talented multi-threat who co-wrote every song and played 11 different instruments on his most recent album Getaway, out this past summer. Tracks "Might As Well" and "Some Are" have been released as singles, with the latter's music video garnering significant fan support on CMT. While Moore has shared the stage with Alan Jackson, Rascal Flatts, ZZ Top and Gary Clark Jr., his most recent set of shows found him opening for Martina McBride, Thompson Square and Cassadee Pope on the Band Against Cancer: The Sarah Cannon Tour. 

He Says: "In the studio, playing the majority of the instruments is a very rewarding – but tedious – process. I spend a lot of time layering instruments, crafting guitar parts, playing solos and doing mandolin, piano and banjo overdubs. It's a marathon trying to get everything down the way I hear it in my head, but it's always a fun process to build a song from the ground up and watch it grow. My producer [Dwight Baker] and I really set out to make this album as authentic and real as possible. We purposefully left in little imperfections to give it that real, human feeling that you only get from watching a live show. That's the magic we wanted to capture."

Hear for Yourself: "Might As Well" is a radio-ready anthem that sneaks up on you with an intoxicating instrumental pulse, before leaving its mark with a scorching guitar solo. W.H.