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What Went Down

British band unleashes the beast within on its best album yet


Foals Photo: Nabil Elderkin PUBLICITY 2015 via sam@bbgunpr.com

Nabil Elderkin/Getty

what went down

U.K. art rockers Foals specialize in arena-size intricacy — anthemic art pop rich with detailed guitar churn, latticed beats and luminous electronics. Their fourth and best album plays up a dark, bracing urgency, especially on the explosive title track, where Yannis Philippakis hollers over low-slung, fuzzed-out riffing and high-octane drum pummel. Songs like “Snake Oil” add funk stomp and blues-metal muscle, suggesting Foals’ Oxford, England, homeys Radiohead at their most visceral. “Now that we’re older/The future is colder,” Philippakis sings on “A Knife in the Ocean,” and every song here spins something epic out of that dread.


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