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Radiohead’s drummer makes a dark, inviting solo album

Philip Selway Weatherhouse

OCTOBER 21: Portrait of English musician Phil Selway, drummer with alternative rock group Radiohead, taken on October 21, 2010. (Photo by Will Ireland/Rhythm Magazine via Getty Images)

On his second solo album, Radiohead drummer Philip Selway expands on the intimate folk of his 2010 debut, Familial – fronting a responsive trio and often recalling his main band in its moments of soft, elegiac drift. ”Coming Up for Air” follows electronic throb into darkly rippling guitar poetry, and ”Waiting for a Sign” is a lovely slow-build glitch symphony. The lyrical tone is often foreboding, but Selway’s vaporous tenor, which suggests a less paranoid Thom Yorke, is reassuring. Even when Selway is singing a desolate piano ballad with the glumly resigned chorus ”It will end in tears and I won’t be sorry,” the vibe is still pretty friendly.


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