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To Dust

We may have invented it, but as with many things (rock & roll, punk, house), we’ve no choice but to accept that the British do soul music as well as we do, often better. See Alice Russell, whose fierce remake of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” in 2006 began a lively run through the UK rare groove DJ scene. Her fifth set, To Dust, works Russell’s exquisite taste for beats and atmosphere into some of her strongest songs. “Heartbreaker” smolders like a Black Keys jam; her flow on the stutter-swinging “4 A While” recalls D’Angelo, while “I Loved You” is closer to Roberta Flack.  Even the tidbits shine: at 1:34, “A to Z” could be the funkiest Sesame Street jingle ever. Adele, watch your back.

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