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Sorry 4 The Wait

No apologies needed, Weezy. As a teaser while he puts the finishing touches on Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne’s new mixtape is the kind of freestyle quickie that put him on top back in 2006 and 2007, when he’d bang out Da Drought sequels so fast, we’d hear the next one while we were still scraping our brains off the ceiling from the last one. Sorry 4 the Wait is his first mixtape since 2009’s No Ceiling, before a prison term put him on ice. But even his warm-up exercises are good for a couple of laugh-intensive listens.

Sorry has nothing deep and nothing dense – just Weezy cracking himself up, talking his shit over beats from the latest Drake and Adele hits. The standout is a cover of Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci,” where he hangs with dealers whose powder is so white, “they call it Lady Gaga.” Lil B guests on “Grove St. Party,” while Weezy goes for groupie love in his sicko version of “Rolling in the Deep,” with lines like “She pop X, I smoke O’s, tick-tack-toe.” He also boasts, “I stand in front of the clock/ ‘Cause I’m ahead of the time.” Wait, didn’t Dylan use that line on Love and Theft? (Nah – that was “I’m sitting on my watch so I can be on time.”) Sorry isn’t in the same league as those Drought tapes, but it’s freewheeling fun – and it makes you look forward to the next Carter.

Listen to and download Sorry 4 The Wait:

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