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Review: Todd Rundgren’s All-Star LP ‘White Knight’ Is Predictably Odd

Our take on the latest from the contrarian pop whiz

Review: Todd Rundgren, 'White Knight'

Todd Rundgren's latest LP is 'White Knight.'

Daniel Knighton/Getty

Todd Rundgren’s latest fuses his pop-wizard side and his studio-contrarian side more than usual, pulling an impressively odd array of stars into his vortex – from Trent Reznor (the android-apocalypse “Deaf Ears”) to soulstress Betty Lavette (the bleary electro-hustle “Naked & Afraid”) to Robyn (the Eighties tearjerker “That Could’ve Been Me”). Inconsistency is like a muse here, but he seems to work best with Seventies peers like Joe Walsh, Daryl Hall and Donald Fagen, whose smooth Donald Trump parody “Tin Foil Hat” is a timely highlight. 


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