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Review: Mudhoney’s Wild. Loose ‘Digital Garbage’

The grunge vets aren’t changing up their stomping, crusty sound and that’s a good thing



Emily Rieman

Not much changes in Mudhoney’s world, and that’s a good thing. Three decades after they helped kick-start grunge with their lumbering, gritty guitar riffs and frontman Mark Arm’s sardonic snarls, they simply sound like a better, defter, maybe even snottier version of their younger selves on their 10th album. They send up social-media culture on the hilarious “Kill Yourself Live” (“Do it for the likes!” Arm wails), right-wing terrorists on “Please Mr. Gunman” and neanderfucks on “Hey Neanderfuck.” It’s a loose, wild, silly outing, as well as a nice reminder that rock can be both serious and fun at the same time.


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