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PC Music Volume One

High-buzz, high-concept dance pop with a short shelf life

hannah diamond

PC Music

PC Music is the brainchild of London producer A. G. Cook, one of the minds behind last year’s online hit “Hey QT,” a supercatchy wad of synthetic bubblegum sung by a virtual starlet marketing a fake energy drink. That same aesthetic is all over this collection of singles (most of them offered for free online over the last couple of years), from the tween-dream surrealism of Hannah Diamond’s “Every Night” to GFOTY’s party-droid satire “USA.” Cook deploys mind-drillingly simple beats and pitch-shifted, incessantly repeated diva chirps to make music with all the humanity of a Tinder swipe — not the worst comment on mediated desire in 2015. But beyond Cook’s own uncannily elegiac “Beautiful,” the songs are only as good as the concept, which wears thin fast.

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