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Our Love

Avant-pop scientist and Radiohead fave digs into R&B

Caribou Our Love


Thomas Neukum

Under various aliases, Canada’s Dan Snaith has charted new frontiers of psychedelic pop for more than a decade, never settling for lazy stoner drones or skimping on melodic-rhythmic drama. He dived fully into EDM on 2012’s Jiaolong, his first set as Daphni; now, on the seventh LP by his main project, he turns his ear toward modern soul. Snaith savors sumptuous grooves and ornately sexy vocals, but he likes disturbing smooth veneers: The synth riff under the gorgeous chorus to ”Second Chance” pitches down so radically, you might need Dramamine. Guest turns by singer Jessy Lanza and violinist Owen Pallett are telling high points – if Snaith’s vocals sometimes lack character, his tracks never do.


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