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Mr. P

Crushingly funny stand-up star Patrice O’Neal, who died of a diabetes-related stroke last fall at 41, dressed like a pimp and riffed like a philosopher. On this posthumous disc, recorded last April, he brings finely-wrought nastiness (his jag on the semiotic distinction between “smelly” assholes and “stinky” ones), does racial and political dissections (“they’re lining up to see who gets to rebuild Haiti…without Haitians!”),  and goes on brilliant kamikaze runs. Poignantly, some of his best riffs interrogate his own flawed soul: “You ever have trouble giving a fuck about stuff your supposed to give a fuck about?,” he asks in a bit about tsunamis. It’s the audacity of Richard Pryor crossed with the honesty of Louis CK. It’s missed.

Listen to “Hate People Touching Me”:

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