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Live At Piedmont Park

For Dave Matthews fans, live recordings don’t capture the full spectrum of the concert experience, particularly the preshow tailgate, a long-standing ritual that’s crucial: The consumption of recreational comestibles helps transform DMB’s jammed-out folk-pop tunes at least as much as the band’s estimable chops. You may want to stage your own tailgate before spinning this three-disc set, recorded in Atlanta last summer. The band comes across as a little bored, leaning on a set list that’s heavy on fan favorites (“Two Step,” “Don’t Drink the Water”), while the few newish songs — the noodly “Corn Bread” and the dirge-y “Eh Hee” — sound in need of more road-testing. Even the guest appearances from Warren Haynes and Gregg Allman on the Allman Brothers’ “Melissa” don’t lift things much. But a trifecta of horn-heavy rave-ups toward the end brings the heat: “Too Much,” “Warehouse” and “Stay,” which rocks plenty even without the gospel choir. Still, this holiday-timed product marks the seventh official live release from the band. And if you’ve got one of the previous six, you’ve heard it all before.


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