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Live at Carnegie Hall

A live document of a great singer-songwriter in his element

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams Photo: David Black PUBLICITY 2014 Nastylittleman.com

David Black

Live at Carnegie

“If my heart had a geography, it would look just like walking down Fifth Avenue,” Ryan Adams told the crowd at the end of his solo acoustic stand at Carnegie Hall last year. On this stunning 40-plus-song live collection, he offers a heartfelt love letter to his former hometown, revisiting his New York material from 2000’s Heartbreaker and 2001’s Gold. On “Damn, Sam,” he toys slightly with the melody, turning the once-desperate declaration into something more wistful. With two shows’ worth of fan favorites, goofy crowd interactions and improvised novelty songs, this release captures Adams’ singular mix of absurdist humor and life-or-death sincerity.


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