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Chance the Rapper’s buddy tells hard tales of life in ‘Chiraq’

Joey Purp Album Review iiiDrops

Joey Purp

Following in the wake of Chance the Rapper’s critical smash Coloring Book, his Savemoney crewmate Joey Purp debuts with the bright iiiDrops, another Chicago dispatch full of soaring horns and impassioned deliveries. Purp juxtaposes optimistic beats and unflinching lyrics about growing up in “Chiraq”: “I ain’t been church in a minute, my Jesus piece flicking/Riding in the whip and it’s stolen and plus my license suspended.” With an anguished voice he speaks of drug dealers and snitches and being on “both sides of the burner.” Yet he’s also a good party MC, turning on a Drake-like melodic vocal fry for giddy songs like “Girls @.”

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