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I Hate Music

The title is bullshit – the kind people spit when dodging pain. “I hate music/What is it worth?/It can’t bring anyone back to this Earth,” snarls Mac McCaughan on “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo,” an indie-rock reverie for fallen friends that name-checks the late Jamaican songsmith. Yet the music sounds like a grunged-up Partridge Family hit. So goes the follow-up to the ‘Chunk’s 2010 comeback, Majesty Shredding: rock vets fighting demons with delicious noise and sugar-crusted hooks as darkness falls. “Staying Home” is 1:15 of full-on-hardcore, mosh-pit-ready agoraphobia; “Overflows” adds “ooh-oohs” to a rant about being buried in data that “piles up like magazines.” Sorrow doesn’t stand a chance.


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