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Hesitant Alien

Ex-My Chemical Romance guy goes glam, pulls it off (mostly)

Gerard Way Hesitant Alien Album Review

Gerard Way PR via Brian Bumbery 2014 credit:  Eric Ray Davidson 

Eric Ray Davidson

The Black Parade and the Danger Days are long gone: On his solo debut, My Chemical Romance’s former frontman has morphed into a Marc Bolan-ish Hesitant Alien, with plenty of fuzzy guitar and surprisingly subdued vocals. Dabbling in glam is a clear progression for Way following MCR’s exploration of Tommy-esque concept albums and Stooges-inspired Seventies garage punk on their last two LPs. Way is best when he combines his new direction with his essential earnestness: His emotional delivery drives highlights like ”Millions” and ”Drugstore Perfume.” Elsewhere, though, the disc isn’t urgent enough to pack the same punch as Way’s best work.


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