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An experimental EDM guy who’s got a wry sense of fun

Dan Deacon

BALTIMORE - Musician Dan Deacon photographed in his studio November 17, 2014

Frank Hamilton


Bearded roly-poly Baltimore EDM dude Dan Deacon looks a little like a highly intelligent teddy bear — a perfect fit for his playful, complex music. Deacon’s previous works have included the high-octane 2007 album Spiderman of the Rings and a mischievous remix of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.” His latest features his own zonked singing on tracks like the loopy, Tom Petty-referencing elegy “Feel the Lightning” and the head-spinning backwoods goof “When I Was Done Dying.” Deacon loves sweeping orchestrations, too — see his 2012 album America — and you can hear that side come out on “Take It to the Max,” eight cascading minutes of keyboard mania that more than lives up to its title.

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