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Everything Is 4

Pop everyman cruises smoothly through a mishmosh of sounds

jason derulo

Brian Bowen Smith

everything is 4

Everything Is 4 opens with the lush disco of lead single “Want to Want Me,” creates dance-floor havoc with a few off-kilter EDM breakdowns and dips its toes into breezy Swedish island pop. Jason Derulo jumps into every track with equal enthusiasm, his reassuring voice adapting easily to each new setting and providing continuity across the LP. Strangest of all is “Broke,” which features Keith Urban and Stevie Wonder and sounds like Kanye, Rihanna and Paul McCartney covering Pitbull and Kesha’s “Timber.” It’s a jumble of banjo licks, hip-hop chants and harmonica drops, but Derulo makes it sound like a hit.


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