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Cornershop & The Double-O Groove Of

In 2004 Cornershop dropped “Topknot,” a chill Indian funk jam with unknown vocalist Bubbley Kaur (and a little-known M.I.A. on the remix). For the fusionistas behind “Brimful of Asha,” the 1997 co-tribute to Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle and the Velvet Underground, it was an ideal match. Now, frontman Tjinder Singh lets Kaur sing a whole LP—in Punjabi—and her girlish voice shines over digitally-quilted, culture-mashing beats. The gem is “Double Decker Eyelashes,” a cocktail of powdered-wig harpsichord, tabla beats, and antsy funk bass. Once a mere band, Cornershop here reimagines itself, brilliantly, as a franchise.

Listen to “Supercomputed”:

Cornershop – ‘Supercomputed’ (Old Timemachine Version) by cornershop


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