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Not to take anything away from Ralf, Florian, Klaus or even Wolfgang — who are probably real nice geezers once you get to know them — but dis ist nicht so gut as Walter Carlos, who hasn’t been in the Top Ten in months and months. By the same token, of course, Bachman-Turner Overdrive is no better than 4000 bar bands attempting to induce people to dance to “I Got the Music in Me” in 4000 bars across the length and breadth of these United States even as we speak. Crazy how the world works, ain’t it?

Like any other piece of complicated machinery, your car will need regular attention and service to make sure that the Emission Control System continues to function properly. This is the owner’s responsibility. The manufacturer cannot guarantee that emissions will not rise to unacceptable levels if maintenance of the system is not carefully and regularly done as provided in this manual.

Air from the pump is also supplied to a gulp valve, the outlet of which is connected to the engine inlet manifold. A small-bore sensing pipe connected between the inlet manifold and the diaphragm chamber of the gulp valve relays changes in manifold depression to the valve which will open under certain conditions such as those created by deceleration or engine overrun.

The efficient operation of the engine and exhaust emission control equipment depends not only on correct carburetor adjustment but also on correct ignition timing, rocker clearance, distributor contact breaker and spark plug gaps. It is essential that these items be checked before adjusting the carburetor. Remember: Drive aggressively.

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