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Audio, Video, Disco

With their 2007 debut, , Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auge snuck into the hotel lounges and discotheques of the glam hipsterati under the cover of dance music. But on their kitschy and entertaining second album, Justice reveal their true colors: They’re progrock geeks. Audio, Video, Disco preserves the ginormo beats and synth bass of Justice’s club jams while adding Seventies-style arena rock: power chords, extravagant solos. Songs like “Civilization” (with vocals by Brit singer Ali Love), bank on portentous “concept-album” lyrics: “Stand aside as they bow to the call of the beast.” Think Tales from Topographic Dance Floors.

Listen to “Audio, Video, Disco”:

• Video: Justice Preview ‘Audio, Video, Disco’


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