Your Love Is a Drug: 20 Great Narcotic Love Songs

In honor of "Can't Feel My Face," we run down the best romance-as-addiction anthems

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Eric Burdon and the Animals, "A Girl Named Sandoz" (1967)

One of the finest purveyors of British blues, Eric Burdon took a hard left turn into hippiedom after dropping acid for the first time. The experience resulted in this sublimely over-the-top lysergic love letter from 1967 — "Sandoz" being the name of the Swiss pharmaceutical company that discovered the psychedelic effects of LSD. As guitars shudder and swirl over a dancing xylophone, Burdon describes his trip ("It was hot/But the snow lay on the ground"), proclaims his eternal gratitude to the girl "who taught me love," and insists that "we could all learn something from your world," before letting loose with a "YEEEAAAH BABY!" so primal, it sounds like Austin Powers being catapulted back to the Paleolithic Era.

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