Marijuana Edibles: Wiz and Wavves' Space Cake Odyssey

Two of music's most committed stoners try the strongest weed treats we could find

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O.G. Bar
TS Pfeffer/Pier-pictures.com6/7

O.G. Bar

Nathan: Chocolate with Rice Krispies on the inside. Tasty! It just had a big like warning sign saying "Keep out of reach of children." I split it with my bass player before a college show. It got me super-high and tired. I was ready to take a nap.

Wiz: It made my body feel like fudge – like I was melting all over the pavement. I felt it more in my legs and in my feet; that was probably the more fudgy part down there. It kicked in at the airport. I was really bugging out, and nobody knew it. It's better than eating straight chocolate – a really good way to eat your weed and not over-chocolatize.

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