Marijuana Edibles: Wiz and Wavves' Space Cake Odyssey

Two of music's most committed stoners try the strongest weed treats we could find

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Melt in Your Mind Pecan Pie
TS Pfeffer/Pier-pictures.com5/7

Melt in Your Mind Pecan Pie

Nathan: I think it's the strongest one of all. But I only ended up eating two bites because I didn't like the taste. Apparently, I'm not a pecan pie fan.

Wiz: It's super tight. I was skeptical: "They might be trying to lay some experimental shit on me." But the goodness of the pie made me forget that I was eating weed and just focus on bugging out. It hit me crazy strong. I watched a low-budget weed movie called Budz House and laughed my ass off.

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