'Weird Al': 5 Songs to Scare the Neighbors

Pop-parody king on his favorite off-color sonic oddities

Wild Man Fischer, "Merry-Go-Round"

Larry "Wild Man" Fischer was a certified bipolar, acute schizophrenic street musician who was discovered by Frank Zappa in the late 1960s. Zappa produced his first album, which is called An Evening With Wild Man Fischer. The album's long been out of print, and from what I've been told, the Zappa estate has chosen to never re-release it. I guess you could say "Merry Go Round" was the "hit" from that album. Over loopy percussion, Larry yelps — I'm gonna say, an infinite number of times — that we should join him as he goes up and down on a merry-go-round. It's a really joyous song. It's primal, and certainly impassioned, but I imagine that if you had to listen to it on repeat for an entire weekend you might need to be institutionalized yourself.

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