'Weird Al': 5 Songs to Scare the Neighbors

Pop-parody king on his favorite off-color sonic oddities

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Styx, "Plexiglass Toilet"

I think most critics at Rolling Stone would probably agree that the creative pinnacle of Styx's body of work would have to be the unlisted track on their third album, The Serpent is Rising, known as "Plexiglass Toilet." It's a jaunty little calypso number told from the perspective of a caring mother who admonishers her son not to sit down on a Plexiglass toilet, and also that he should "wipe his butt clean with the paper, to make it nice for everyone." Certainly sound, solid advice, and a catchy tune to boot. But I imagine if need be this song could be used as a nonviolent way to torture political prisoners, sort of the audio equivalent of waterboarding.

I don't think that Styx are particularly proud of this one. It's a deep cut. I don't think they do that very much in concert these days, but it was big on the Dr. Demento Show back in the day. I certainly enjoy it more than some of their hits.