Violent J Breaks Down Insane Clown Posse's 'Joker's Card' Box Set

God, pro wrestling and Faygo: Inside the 'The First Six,' the most shocking concept suite ever

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'The Great Milenko' (1997)

What is Milenko's role?
Milenko is an illusionist. Like, if you don't have nothing, he creates the illusion that you're sitting behind the wheel of a car. So next thing you know, he makes you have the urges to go and take somebody's car. He creates illusions for you to do fucked up things, you know what I mean? He shows you how you'd be living if you did all these fucked up things and got away with them. But here's the question: Do you believe in Milenko's magic, or not? That's what this joker card is asking you. If you don't believe in his illusions, you don't even see them. But if you fall for his magic, then you end up doing the shit, and you end up in jail and going to hell and all that.

How did this record come to almost get released by Disney, then pulled at the last second?
You remember Jive Records? We were on Jive Records for Riddle Box, and then we refused to do another record for Jive because we felt like they only worked our record in Detroit, you know? We had done that before we signed with Jive, so we thought signing with Jive would take us to some new level of freshness. Hollywood Records came and got us off of Jive Records, somehow. Next thing you know, we're on Hollywood Records, and that's owned by Disney. And they were the fucking shit, man! Their A&R's name was Julian, and they'd take us right to the Disney lot and be like, 'We ain't gonna ask you to change anything. Bring that shit.'

When the record came out, Hollywood Records had meeting with Disney and said, "This is what's coming out today." The Disney people fucking freaked out for some reason and pulled our record out of the stores and threw us off the label. But the shit came out in the press and it blew up everywhere. It was crazy! A huge bidding war broke out. We signed our next contract for seven figures. We bought a wrestling ring. We each bought a house. Even Jive was trying to get us back [laughs]. We were flying from New York to L.A., back and forth, back and forth. Anyway, we ended up signing with Island, and that's when we put the Jeckel Brothers out. It was dope.

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