Violent J Breaks Down Insane Clown Posse's 'Joker's Card' Box Set

God, pro wrestling and Faygo: Inside the 'The First Six,' the most shocking concept suite ever

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'The Amazing Jeckel Brothers' (1999)

So the Jeckel Brothers. Who are they?
The Jeckel Brothers are Jake and Jack Jeckel — they're jugglers. Jake is your positive side and Jack is your negative side, and they're juggling these fireballs that are actually your evil deeds, your sins. The question is: Can they juggle the amount of sins you have? If they can't handle it, then boom, you're off to hell. If they can handle your sins and maintain a juggle, you get accepted into heaven.

Who were you listening to at this time? What music were you into?
Pearl Jam, like crazy, and Michael Jackson. Shaggy didn't really like Pearl Jam too much, but we both liked Michael Jackson.

What did you learn from Michael Jackson?
I learned how to make crystal-clear music. We don't really like our stuff gritty; we like it crystal clear like a Michael Jackson record, like a Dr. Dre record. Not like a gritty, New York Wu-Tang record, even though Wu-Tang is the shit, don't get me wrong.

What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?
I like the shit he did that most people don't know about. All the unreleased shit that I found on the Internet throughout the years. There's a song called "Morphine," about the drugs he was doing — it was so fucking fresh to hear him singing about that shit. He was making music about it, and people just weren't listening. He made music so personal, about what he was going through and shit, and it was just so crazy watching him growing up. He was such a character — we read so many books about Michael Jackson.

What led you to write "Fuck the World"?
When Milenko came out it got dissed crazy hard! We had a stack of reviews on our desk that looked like two phone books. Man, they were all tearing us up, just saying, like, "worst music ever made." Nobody was like, "This shit is dope." Everybody was just like, "Two white kids acting like assholes, blah, blah, blah, blah." Meanwhile, Milenko went platinum, so we were like, "Fuck the world, fuck what the world says. This is the underground."

Was there a point when critics started taking ICP more seriously?
Yeah, when "Miracles" went viral [in 2010]. That's when things started to change.

Why do you think that song did it?
It made everyone look at ICP again, but this time, it's a new day and age. This time the technology is much different, and this time you can look into ICP's world. Back in the Nineties, it was only the die-hardest ICP fans that had ever seen our videos. Now, it's easy to see what's going on, so when "Miracles" went viral, everybody kind of just said, "Who are these guys?" Or the older fans were like, "I cant believe these guys are still doing it." Then they read about the most important thing, the thing that's most crazy fresh about ICP, and that's the Juggalos. There has never been anything like a Juggalo in the history of rock & roll.

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