Violent J Breaks Down Insane Clown Posse's 'Joker's Card' Box Set

God, pro wrestling and Faygo: Inside the 'The First Six,' the most shocking concept suite ever

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'Riddle Box' (1995)

What is the story behind Riddle Box?
Riddle Box is one of the most classic Juggalo records. And the Riddle Box is "turn the crank," simple as that. If you were to die today and you had to turn the crank, what's coming out of that motherfucker. [Sings jack-in-the-box melody] What's gonna pop out? God or the devil? The Riddle Box is like a toy box, but he's also a snake.

What's coming out for you, when you turn your crank?
Shit [laughs], fuck if I know! I'm not walking around this bitch like I'm saved. I'm fuckin' scared to death! Because I feel like everything's comin' from God, but at the same time, I'm constantly questioning myself. The older I get, the more I question myself. I still fully believe, at the same time, that what I'm doing is for the good, and what we're doing is for the good. I would never do something — and put this much heart and time and effort into bullshit — if I didn't truly believe in it, you know what I mean?

If you only knew how many times Juggalos have said to us, "You saved my life." Those words. Those fucking words, we hear them every time we do an in-store or every time we do a meet-and-greet — we hear those words coming from fucking human beings. People with real lives out there, saying, "You saved my life." That shit is real. Then they're getting together at the Gathering — total strangers treating each other like family, all weekend long. I mean, that stuff's good shit. I don't even have to question it!

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