U2's 'Pop': A Reimagining of the Album 20 Years Later

U2 kept fiddling with their ninth LP long after it hit shelves in early 1997, so here's a new take from live recordings, remixes and re-recordings

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"The Playboy Mansion" (1996 'Pop' Sessions)

There are just two bad songs on Pop, and they happen to come back-to-back. This is the worst of the two with cringe-inducing lyrics that reference Michael Jackson's History album and O.J. Simpson. "It was supposed to be a Pop Art anthem but its contemporary references work against it," Bono said. "Jokes about Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson just aren't funny anymore." They weren't funny then. The band never did the song live, but an early take from the 1996 Pop sessions (minus the lame pop-culture jokes) did surface on the Internet. As you can hear, they had a seed of a good song in there. 

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