U2's 'Pop': A Reimagining of the Album 20 Years Later

U2 kept fiddling with their ninth LP long after it hit shelves in early 1997, so here's a new take from live recordings, remixes and re-recordings

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"Staring at the Sun" (Live in 1998)

U2 released "The Fly" as the first single form Achtung Baby, knowing they had an ace in the hole with "One." They thought they had another "One" on deck with "Staring at the Sun," but when it came out as the second single it crapped out at Number 26 on the U.S. Hot 100. The song totally fell apart on the opening night of the tour, and before long the band stripped it down to just Bono and the Edge on twin acoustic guitars. This take soars in a way the album version didn't. Had they had a little more time they might have presented it this way on the album. It's a good lesson to never book a tour before an album is done.

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