U2's 'Pop': A Reimagining of the Album 20 Years Later

U2 kept fiddling with their ninth LP long after it hit shelves in early 1997, so here's a new take from live recordings, remixes and re-recordings

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"If God Will Send His Angels" (Single Edit)

Much like Neil Young's 1982 LP Trans, Pop didn't quite have the courage to stick to its bold concept straight through. After three songs it went right back to a more classic U2 sound with "If God Will Send His Angels." The track could have possibly been a radio hit, but it was the fifth single from the album. By that time nobody cared. The song survived through the first U.S. leg of PopMart before getting the boot in favor of older hits. It found a new audience the following year when it appeared on the City of Angels soundtrack. Millions of people bought that thing to hear "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls, and a shortened "If God Will Send His Angels" with a slightly altered arrangement was the first song. 

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